SO CAN YOU DRIVE IT? (Part 1) – Titling as a motorhome


Before we even start discussing licenses and titles to make it LEGAL for you to drive your skoolie let’s discuss the physical part of driving one.

If all you’ve ever driven is a small car you’re facing a big learning curve. Even if you’ve pulled the occasional camp trailer, horse trailer, etc. it’s going to be different and how different is going to depend on your skoolie. Is it a “dog nose” (front engine out in front of the windshield), is it a flat nosed front engine with a “dog house” protruding into the driving area, is it a flat nosed rear engine? All drive differently and you should probably get some practical training from someone who has some experience. At the very least get out on the back roads and try some 90 degree intersections at low speeds, ready to hit the brakes.

That rear engine rig turns BEHIND the driver and it sure looks like you’re going to run things over. Turn when your car driving experience says turn and you’re going to run things over with the back wheels and/or the side of the bus. Street signs and telephone poles on the corner are particularly vulnerable… and expensive.

The amount of vehicle BEHIND the rear wheels is a significant factor as well.  When the front of the bus turns right, the back of the bus is actually going to move to the LEFT. This is called “tail swing” and can wipe out whatever is in that area….. a wall, telephone pole, that Yugo that was too close.

And you are TALL. If you’re going to do a roof raise you might be REALLY TALL.  KNOW your EXACT vertical height (and add a bit of a buffer). It’s a good idea to post it right in front of the driver’s face too because you’ll likely forget at some point. You don’t want to be “that guy” who rips off the top of your rig on an overhead, takes out the overhead obstruction, or gets stuck under it and ties up traffic for hours LIKE THESE GUYS at 11 Foot 8.

Bottom line, make sure you have the necessary skill set to safely drive your skoolie so that yo have fun adventures instead of misadventures.

B & S

Here’s a couple of links to a bridges called “Can Openers”. Even though the 11foot8 bridge has been raised, it still collects about one vehicle a MONTH that is too tall for it. See what happens when you’re taller than will fit. WARNING: It’s addictive! On the bright side, I didn’t see any Skoolies but there were a whole lot of rental trucks and RV’s ….. inexperienced drivers ….. hitting the “can opener”. Apparently their skill set wasn’t up to par. Don’t be “that guy” (or gal).