SO our first video is up on YouTube (2021-03-26)

The first video shows a few stills of how our bus looked when it arrived at the house and then about 5 minutes of time lapse “demolition”. Lot’s and lots of screws being pulled using a Dewalt 20VMax cordless impact wrench. Lot’s and lots of screws. I’m bagging them for reuse as the current plan is to reinstall the ceiling panels after insulating.

There’s a LOT of demo on a bus conversion but we’re glad we got a bus with SCREWS instead of rivets. There are still some rivets and yo can watch me punch out the ones in the luggage racks but the vast majority of fasteners are screws which saves probably hundreds of hours compared to drilling and punching rivets.

The time you spend selecting YOUR bus will pay dividends in labor and costs. For instance, we got a bus with screws instead of rivets, with a high roof that allows us to avoid an expensive and time consuming roof raise, brand new tires all around with the mold nibs still on them, alloy wheels (though they’ll need some buffing), AND AUTOMATIC TIRE CHAINS.